Posted by on May 17, 2017

If your Samsung S6 Edge is damaged by water, you can always count on an authorized Samsung repair center for safe and quick repair. The whole process for fixing water damage cellphones differs in every state and so this article was put together in order to assist you have your cellphone operating as quickly as possible.

The following are helpful tips you can try whenever your cellphone comes close with any water or liquid:

In any case involving the splashing or plunging of an electric gadget into any water/liquid, the initial step is to disengage any source of power such as internal battery or charger as soon as possible this situation happened.

  • Getting back a soaked or submerged electric gadget that includes a battery renders its very own risks. A shorted cellphone battery might be a chemical or fire hazard. When you feel or see any smoke, melting, bulging, bubbling, or steam then avoid holding the electric gadget.
  • If the gadget is still working, switch it off.
  • Shake and rotate the cellphone in order to attempt to allow any liquid drain out.
  • Take the damaged Samsung S6 Edge to a nearest authorized smartphone repair immediately to diagnose and repair it.

If after following and doing all these tips your S6 Edge is still not working or has some other problems, you can take it to a top hand cellphone repair services provider nearest you.

Since liquid and gadgets do not nicely play together, there’s no guarantee that your cellphone can be fixed successfully. However, supposing you have completed all the steps mentioned earlier, your odds of success are a lot higher.

To deal with S6 Edge water damage, some repair centers offer a diagnostic fee which covers the first chore on the cellphone as well as the costing estimate. If they can fix your damaged cellphone successfully without requiring to change any components, the diagnostic charge is going to be the sole fee for the service. If the reparation is not successful, they give the chance to purchase the gadget for parts. When this possibility is made it is going to waive the fee. In other conditions, if a component requires to be changed the price of the repair service will level the usual repair rate.

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